Friday, 17 August 2012

Back Catalogue: Blackpool To Bond Street - Available Now!

Blackpool To Bond Street!The fascinating story of Amy Blackburn - pioneer of the makeover
By Joan Shaw
Published 2007
ISBN: 978-0-9539782-5-0
60 pages softback perfect bound
photographs throughout

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In this, her first book, Joan Shaw - now in her 80s - remembers back to her youth and pays tribute to her aunt, Amy Blackburn, who in the 1930s became one of the early pioneers of cosmetic products for the retail market.  Ably assisted by Joan's mother Nelly, Amy invented her own face creams, developed her own techniques and boldly set out to bring make-up to the masses by opening the first beauty bars in the major department stores, including Selfridges in London.

It could be that Amy was the original inventor of the makeover.  See for yourself as we retrace her progress from "Blackpool to Bond Street!"