Friday 17 August 2012

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Colne Giants
Tales From The Forgotten World Of Knur And Spell
By Paul Breeze and Stuart Greenfield
Published 2002
ISBN: 0-9539782-3-0
ISBN: 978-0-9539782-3-6
58 pages softback perfect bound
photographs throughout

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The game of Knur and Spell has a history going back many hundreds of years - possibly even back to the time of the Viking invasions. It had its heyday in the 1920s and 1930s as thousands of people from the East Lancashire / West Yorkshire border town flocked to cheer on - and bet on - the big name players of the day.

After the second world war, the game died a death in Lancashire but was revived in the late 1950s by a handful of diehard enthusiasts.  This led to a resurgence of the ancient game which, in turn, brought with it corporate sponsorship, world championships, TV coverage, "Fiery Fred" Trueman and a whole lot more.

This is the story of the post-war rise and demise of knour and spell in Lancashire, told through the eyes and reflections of twice world champion Stuart Greenfield - one of the "Colne Giants".