Our publishing programme is full for the foreseeable future but there are other companies who might be able to help you: 

Pen & Sword in Barnsley, Yorkshire are a very good publishing company who specialise in military matters.  The person to contact there is Lisa Hooson:

However, we prefer to publish everything we produce ourselves - that way you have far more control over your own work.  It is less stressful than working with a publishing company and not that expensive. 

There are two companies who we have used in the past for book printing and they are both very good.


1) Book Printing UK 

If this is your first venture into printing your own book, you might be better off going with Book Printing UK  

They offer a wide variety of options - including a full editing and publishing service as well as the actual printing – and, while there is obviously a cost involved, they will help you with the process as much as you need. 

If you visit their website you can get quotes online for different book formats, print quantities, number of pages etc  and you can have a play and see what package suits your requirements  and budgets the best.


 2) Print Domain

If you have already done a bit of writing and printing in the past and are comfortable with such things as embedded fonts, pdfs and CYMK, you might well like the slightly quicker service offered by  With them you can pay an extra amount to have a quicker service but it is important that your files are more or less ready to print when you send them in.

They do also offer technical help – at extra cost – so they are definitely worth looking at as well.

They also have the facility to see immediate online quotes so that you can compare print costs.

To get the right option for their book printing service follow this link:  HERE