Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Women Casualties Of The Great War - Volume 1: Belgium & France - DOWNLOAD VERSION

The information contained in this book has been compiled from the websites of – among others - the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, American Battle Monuments Commission & various Scottish, Australian and Canadian resources and archives. It is all available to view completely free of charge on their various websites - if you have the time to wade through them all to find specific details.

We have, however, brought together details of the graves of women who were killed on the Western Front during WW1 into one handy volume along with brief details about the cemeteries and some of the organisations that the women served with.
We hope this will help people who visit the military cemeteries to more easily identify these graves and understand more about why the women are there.
This pdf download version is available for just £2.50 by clicking the purchase link below, or if you would rather buy a hard copy in the form of a paper book, please follow the link at the bottom.
For a hard copy paperback version, click HERE

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Poets, Writers & Artists On The Somme - 1916: Available Now!

POETS, WRITERS & ARTISTS ON THE SOMME - 1916:  A Centenary Collection Compiled By Lucy London

Includes brief biographies and examples of work by poets and writers who were:

Killed on the First Day of the  Battle of the Somme 1st July 1916
Wounded 1st July 1916
Killed Later In July 1916
Wounded Later In July 1916
Killed in August 1916
Wounded In August 1916
Killed In September 1916
Killed In October 1916
Killed In November 1916
Killed In December 1916
Involved In The Battle of the Somme in 1916
Killed On The Somme But Before The Somme Offensive
Wounded On The Somme In 1916 Before The Start of The Somme Offensive
Also Present On The Somme At Some Stage During WW1

ISBN 978-1-909643-24-6
136 pages with black and white photographs
perfect bound paperback

Selling price £10.00

Now available exclusively via Amazon.  Click below for Order Link.