Saturday 5 December 2020

Artists Of The First World War - Volume 1

Here’s a great present idea for the art fan in your life who already has almost everything. 

It is essentially a beginners’ guide to some of the artists who were involved in the Great War, but we have avoided most of the bigger names and tried to include people who you may not have heard of before - with brief biographies, photos if we have them and examples of work as available. 

A5 paperback - 120 pages.

This “launch” edition of the artists book contains images of 80 arts works in varying sizes – 47 in colour in and 33 in black and white.  It also has 55 black and white photographs – either portraits of the artists or shots of their surroundings. There are two pages of further book suggestions at the back. Of the 120 pages in total, only 21 have no images on them at all. 

The book is an A5 portrait format paperback, printed on 115gsm silk stock. It is intended as a general interest book rather than a “fine art” publication. 

Full contents:
Muirhead Bone
Fortunino Matania
Helena Gleichen
Isaac Rosenberg
Guy Lipscombe
August Macke
Kenneth Denton Shoesmith
Elliott Seabrook
Brian Hatton
Gerald Siordet
William Robert Gregory
EH Shepard
Martin Hardie
Gilbert Holiday
Bernard Meninski
Gilbert Rogers
Reginald Grange Brundrit
Sydney Carline
Will C Penn
Isobel Rae
George Kenner
Mary Riter Hamilton
Harold Gilman
Federico Quarenghi
Percy Delf Smith
Sir Alfred Munnings
Vera Waddington
Victoria Monkhouse
Will Dyson 
Sir William Orpen
Cyrus Cuneo
Eugene Galien-Laloue
Adrian Keith Graham Hill
Colin Unwin Gill
Christopher Nevinson
Nina Hamnett
Olive Hockin
Alan Edmund Beeton & Geneste Penrose
Felix Vallotton
Charles Edward Dixon
Francis Edgar Dodd
Charles Henry Holden
Philip Connard 
Walter E Spradbery
Anthony Frederick Sarg
Joseph Franklin Kershaw
Henry Lionel Field
James Clark
Stanford Alexander Forbes
Donald Graeme MacLaren
Charles Ernest Butler
Louie Delazonne
Henry Tonks 
Richard Woodville Jr
Mabel Frances Layng
Evan Frederic Morgan
Gertrude Leese
Morton Schamberg
Charles Bruce Bairnsfather
Georg Grosz
Claud Lovat Fraser
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Harold Septimus Power

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Widnes Wild - Lockdown Lookback

Here’s a great Christmas present idea for the ice hockey player or fan in your life who already has almost everything and - above all - is MISSING ICE HOCKEY!   

This is not quite a full history of the Wild team as such but an interesting lookback at key moments in that history as told in the pages of the Widnes Weekly News during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic lockdown - and great memento of the team's many achievements SO FAR.... 

A5 paperback - 188 pages with black and white photos throughout.

Full contents:
Questions for the Chairman
Widnes Wild’s First Ever Game
Richard Charles Looks Back At The First Widnes Game
Where Are They Now?
Craig Williams And The First Ever Widnes Wild Goal
Widnes Wild In The End Of Season Play Offs
Widnes Wild In the End of Season Play Offs – Part Two 
Widnes Wild In The Promotion Game
Wild Imports – Then & Now 
Widnes Wild In The NIHL Cup
Widnes Wild’s Title Winning Season
Widnes Wild At The National Championship Game
Ken Armstrong – 200 Games And Counting
Tom Jackson’s Widnes Wild Appearance Record 
Mike Mawer Reaches 100 Game Milestone
Dan Bracegirdle Looks Back Over 100 Games
Widnes / Deeside Rivalry – Part 1 
Widnes / Deeside Rivalry – Part 2
Widnes / Altrincham Rivalry
Widnes & Blackburn – Head To Head 
Wild Break Records In Blackburn
Wild Go To Hull And Back 
NIHL Player Award Winners 

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Friday 6 November 2020

Nadja - The Complete Poems

2020 marks the 125th anniversary of the birth of the Marchesa Nadja Malacrida – or Louisa Green as she was born – and, while she probably wouldn’t still have been around today, her life would certainly have continued to be fascinating and enjoyable for many more years had she not been killed in a tragic car accident in 1934.

What better time, therefore, to gather all her published poems together in one single volume for the first time ever? These four original collections were all written over a century ago and have been practically unobtainable for many years without laying out a small fortune to a rare book dealer.

We have put them together here with a brief biography of the author, and a few photos and other bits and pieces, that we hope you will find of interest – and that Nadja herself would also approve of.

Annotated and illustrated with new a introduction & preface, author biography, appendices and 12 new photographs.


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Friday 9 October 2020

Ice Hockey (1936) by Major BM Patton - Annotated & Illustrated 2020: A facsimile reprint of the original 1936 edition with new introduction, author biography and appendices.

An annotated and illustrated reprint of the original 1936 work by Patton, this new 2020 edition includes: 

A new introduction 

A new biography of BM Patton 

A new section about the Patton Cup 

A new section about the EIHL Patton Conference 

Two new appendices 

And 10 new photographs

As well as the complete original text and content.

With the benefits and facilities of modern technology, and in a move that we hope that Patton himself would have heartily approved of, we have decided to make his book – which has been practically impossible to get hold of for over 70 years without shelling out a small fortune to a rare book dealer – available to everybody at a reasonable selling price, which we hope they will enjoy reading.

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Sunday 15 March 2020

Wilfred Owen: Centenary Featuring: Brief Owen Biography, Wilfred Owen And Me, Wilfred Owen in Print, Birkenhead Commemorations

Wilfred Owen’s initial collection of poems was first published in December 1920 – two years after his death at the end of the First World War – and now in 2020, we are celebrating the centenary of that landmark publication with a publication of our own!

The first thing that needs pointing is out is that this NOT a full and formal biography of Wilfred Owen - nor is it an attempt at a collection of his poems - or any sort of critique thereof. This is essentially the story of Paul and Lucy’s journey from first becoming involved with the Wilfred Owen Story via the Bullets & Daffodils musical show and their odyssey that took them to all sorts of interesting places and brought them into contact with some fascinating people.

If you read this book, you WILL find out about Owen’s life and you WILL find out about his poems. And, unless, you are already an “Owen expert”, you will probably end up knowing more about him than you did before.

There’s a large section about Birkenhead – where Owen spent most of his formative years and quite often gets overlooked forgotten about with all the attention being pointed at Oswestry, Shrewsbury, Dunsden and Ors - and how the town marked the centenary of his death, plus a lot of other things besides.

There’s also a brief guide to Owen–related sites around Birkenhead that you can go and see for yourself and be able to appreciate some of the surroundings that helped shape the world’s best known war poet.


Product details

  • Paperback: 132 pages
  • Publisher: Posh Up North Publishing (6 Feb. 2020)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 190964336X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1909643369
  • Product Dimensions: 14.8 x 0.8 x 21 cm