Friday 17 October 2014

Available Now: Ice Hockey Review 2014 NIHL Yearbook

Containing details of all NIHL teams and competitions in North & South - Divisions 1&2


Contents Include:
Player Awards & All Star Teams

Reports and stats from all league, cup and play off competitions

Photos and player statistics of all teams, ie: 

N1 Moralee Conference: Billingham Stars, Blackburn Hawks, Manchester Minotaurs, Sheffield Spartans, Solway Sharks, Sutton Sting, Telford Titans, Whitley Warriors
N2 Laidler Conference: Blackburn Eagles, Coventry Blaze, Deeside Dragons, Nottingham Lions, Hull Jets, Sheffield Spartans, Solihull Barons, Widnes Wild
South 1: Bracknell Hornets, Cardiff Devils, Chelmsford Chieftains, Invicta Dynamos, Milton Keynes Thunder, Solent & Gosport Devils, London Raiders, Streatham Redskins, Wightlink Raiders
South 2: Basingstoke Buffalo, Bristol Pitbulls, Cardiff Devils, Chelmsford Warriors, Invicta Mustangs, Lee Valley Lions, London Haringey Racers, Oxford City Stars, Peterborough Islanders, Slough Jets, Swindon Wildcats, Wightlink Tigers

Monday 22 September 2014

No Woman's Land - A Centenary Tribute to Inspirational Women Of World War One

Writer, poet and broadcaster Lucy London is leading an exciting multi-strand international research project to commemorate the centenary of the 1914-18 Great War. This easy to read book aims to uncover and celebrate the heroic deeds of lesser known - or maybe forgotten - women who were involved on the various fronts during the First World War.

The are photos and short biographies of the women involved and lots of other bits and pieces that will be of interest to anyone who wants to know more about that world-changing period of recent history.

Included in this first volume are:
Doctors and Nurses, including Mabel Stobart, Flora Murray, Edith Cavell and Nellie Spindler
Female Fighters, such as Flora Sandes and Milunka Savic
Writers and diarists such as May Sinclair, Mildred Aldridge and Inez Milholland
Plus Female spies, female pilots and whole lot more besides!

Compiled by Lucy London
Edited by Paul Breeze
ISBN 978-1-909643-07-9
128 pages paperback perfect bound
Weight: 175g

Now available exclusively from Amazon.  CLICK HERE FOR ORDER LINK