Monday 15 August 2022

North / South Divide - Volume 3: Cricket & Baseball

Following on from Volume 2, which was all about ice hockey, here is Volume 3 – which, as you can see, is mainly about my involvement in cricket and baseball – plus a few other things as well.

I actually started on this project as a sort of a “self-healing exercise” after a bout of ill health during 2020 that made me realise that, if anything happened to me, there’s a whole raft of interesting anecdotes, memories and funny stories that might otherwise be lost to the world - and I thought I ought to write them all down for the benefit of future generations.

So, just to whet your appetite, in this volume you can read all about:
Why I wasn’t any good at cricket at school
The Cricket World Cup in 1999
The Preston Bobcats league baseball team
The Preston University student team of 1996/97
And my experiences of baseball coaching at Summer Camps in the Czech Republic.