Monday 15 August 2022

The Bachelor Pad Years: North / South Divide: Volume 5

I put this book together as a sort of a “self-healing project” after a bout of ill health during 2020 that made me realise that, if anything happened to me, there’s a whole raft of interesting anecdotes, memories and funny stories that might otherwise be lost to the world. And I thought I ought to write them all down for the benefit of future generations.

So, if you are interested in nostalgia and travel trivia, and have the slightest interest in such varied and bizarre topics as:

- Being young in England in the 1980s and 90s
- All the fun of the two Bachelor Pads in Peterborough and Preston
- The trials and tribulations of girls, girl friends and girlfriends
- Visits to countries that don't exist any more such as Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and East Germany.
- Football, music, ice hockey, cars, beer - and all that jazz!

then this may be the book for you!